Luis David Vargas Méndez



Minister Counsellor Luis David Vargas Méndez, joined the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Guatemala on November 2003. He is a career diplomat with a wide experience in bilateral, consular and protocol affairs.  He has served his country in different positions such as Third Secretary in the Directorate General of Consular and Migration Affairs; Vice Consul, Third Secretary and Minister Counsellor of the Embassy of Guatemala to Belize; Minister Counsellor of the Embassy of Guatemala to Mexico and recently concluded his duties as Chief of Protocol at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Guatemala.

Minister Counsellor Vargas has studies in Government Policy Affairs from the University Mariano Gálvez of Guatemala.

During his service in Belize, Minister Counsellor David Vargas contributed significantly to the ongoing resolution of Guatemala’s territorial, insular and maritime claim to Belize, moving forward a wide range of issues such as consular protection, promotion of investments, bilateral agreements and concluding his tenure with the holding of successful referendums both in Guatemala and Belize, through which peoples of both countries decided to submit Guatemala’s claim to the International Court of Justice -ICJ- at the Hague, Netherlands for its final resolution.

As Minister Counsellor of the Embassy of Guatemala to Mexico, he was responsible to coordinate 14 Consulates of Guatemala, which comprises the largest consular network in Mexico, providing consular and migration assistance to thousands of Guatemalan nationals. Also, was in charge of political and economic affairs in the bilateral relations with Mexico, besides of overseeing bilateral relations with more than 35 countries who have resident embassies in Mexico City and are concurrent to Guatemala from there.

As Chief of Protocol at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Guatemala, he was in charge of Protocol and Ceremonial affairs, including the President’s office and to oversee State and Official visits of the President of Guatemala to several countries including Mexico, Spain, Belgium, Poland, Ukraine, Taiwan and United States among others, as well of hosting world leaders’ visits to Guatemala.

Minister Counsellor David Vargas, was born on September 10th, 1983 in Guatemala City Guatemala. He speaks, writes and understands Spanish and English. He is married to Mrs. Angela Arana, with three kids. Besides his professional activities, enjoysmusic and playing guitar.