Visas Category B


If you would like to visit Guatemala and you are an Indian passport holder, you can apply for category B visa. Visa information for other nationalities, please check the general requirements and the category of visa that you can apply by clicking in the following link:

The visa requirements for Guatemala are listed below:

Tourist Visa Requirements For Single/Multiple Entry

      1. Complete application form
      2. Valid passport with minimum 6 months validity
      3. Flight ticket
      4. Proof of Income and/or bank statement of last three months
      5. International credit card or in case of debit card must present the bank statement for
        the last six months
      6. The Invitation letter/letter of service requirement is required in the case of paid

    Article 34 – The foreign office, diplomatic missions, and consular missions may require
    additional information or documents when the analysis requires clarification, addition, or
    correction of the information submitted by the visa applicant.

  •       DPI of the Invitee

Visa fees:

– Single Entry: US$ 50.00
– Multiple Entry: US$ 150.00

If you do not fulfill these requirements please refrain from applying, as these requirements are mandatory.

The visa office is also at liberty to ask for more documents in addition to above if deemed necessary.

Points To Be Noted:

  • The diplomatic or consular official can interview the applicants to verify the proposed
  • In the case of minors, they must be accompanied by one of the parents or by the legal
    representative, for which the situation must be documented.
  • Nationals of the category “B” countries with valid visas only from the
    USA/Canada/Schengen or Mexico would not require a visa from Guatemala.


  • As a Result of irregularities,the Embassy of Guatemala in india from 7.09.2015 has stoped issuing the CA4 visas
  • The working hours of the visa section of the Embassy are Monday To Friday, 9:30 am to and all applicants have to apply in person and appear for an interview.Please send an email at to fix an appointment for a visa interview

Article 28- Required time for applying for tourist or traveler
visa when rejected, denied, or canceled

When the application for a tourist or traveler visa is rejected by the diplomatic or consular
mission and denied/canceled by the Guatemalan Migration Institute, the applicant can
apply for the visa 12 months after the date of the notification of the denial.

The visa fee as applicable has to be deposited in dollar cash and the candidates are requested to kindly carry the exact amount.