March 20, 2024

On Wednesday, March 20th 2024, a Photographic Exhibition of “Holy Week in Guatemala” was organized by the Embassy of Guatemala at the Embassy’s Cultural Centre Sala B’atz’. The exhibition included a photographic tour by Guatemalan professionals Luis Berdúo and Jurgen Wellmann.


Holy Week in Guatemala isan Intangible Cultural Heritage of HumanitybyUNESCO. The Holy Week is one of the most notable events entailing processions, vigils, funeral marches, seasonal gastronomy and the creation of carpets, orchards and alters.


During the event, various photographs of the Guatemalan Holy Week were exhibited and atraditional carpet was also madeto show the cultural richness of the countryto the assistants. The event was attended by representatives of the Guatemalan community living in India, members of the Diplomatic Corps, and representatives from the Government of India, all of them were briefed about the history and importance of the event in Guatemala.

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